The Introduction

I’ve started a blog.  I guess this warrants an explanation and a Welcome! post to any potential readers.  Shall I start with this: according to the Better Life Index of 2012, the U.S ranked 12th out of 32 countries measured for happiness

I would argue that many American’s don’t understand what joy is, or are thankful for the many things we have– myself included. However, I was thinking over this in church today, and I realized how powerful the act of gratefulness truly is. There are so many things that I hate now, but will come to appreciate later. That’s just how God works.

At this point in my life, there is a lot changing. What better time to open up and blog regularly about the things I’m thankful for, whether or not I “feel” like I am.  So, I have turned this into my private project for 2013.  The act of physically voicing the blessings and hardships that I am thankful for, will make me more aware of how truly blessed I am.

In the process, I hope to share a bit of my chaotically fun, yet broken, life.  While everything will be themed around gratefulness, there’s a wide scope of people, travels, hardships, and changes that will be posted to these pages.  I hope to grow in my faith, become more aware of my blessings, and inspire a grateful revolution in a country so desperately needy of some joy.  

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