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Last night I dreamed I met Ryan and Sara Hall, and their four daughters.  I got a quick picture with Ryan and then asked for an autograph.  He wanted to sign my I.D., but I told him I had left it at home but that I had a post-it note he could sign.  He seemed really upset by that and begrudgingly signed it.  Not wanting to upset them more, I quickly left.  But as my dreaming-self went on to a department store, I ran into them again.  This time, they were very kind and said they felt badly about before.  Sara said she had noticed I was sad and decided to help me.  She tasked me and her daughters with picking out things in the store to represent my current struggles.  Band-Aids symbolized the brokenness of my pelvis and femur, that I can’t fix. Shampoo stood for the feeling of dirty, unworthiness that I carry.  A mannequin with her hands on her hips represented my fear of being abandoned, and consequential need to always “be ready.”

It’s a funky dream, I know.  But I woke up with such a peace in my soul, and after further speculation, I realized it’s because that dream satisfied a deep longing in me.  A longing to be seen.  It’s a part of humanity that I believe are created with, an innate desire to be recognized.  After all, why else would we wait in lines to meet musicians or take pictures of or with celebrities?  Yes, there are other reasons, but I think we all secretly long to be picked out of the crowd, like a modern day Cinderella– stick with me here, men– I promise this applies to you as well.  (RELATED: Be a Social Light not a Socialite)

Even if it’s not a celebrity crush, we all have certainly felt that flutter when someone attractive notices us or calls our name.  And it can be discouraging sometimes, to live in this world with seven billion bodies and each one is vying for attention.  Each one is craving that beckoning from the stage that says: “You!  I want you with me!”

And as New Year’s fades to Valentine’s, fades to everyday routine, it’s easy to start feeling lonely.  So you try and find some acceptance, you focus on being perfect, or you dream about becoming friends with THE power-duo in distance running.  But at the end of the day: Our wealth, fame and talent will all betray us.  As Genesis 3 says, from dust we came and to dust we will return.

But all the riches and all the glory and all power belong to God.  But He is not only the creator of the universe; He is also the intimate Lord of each and every one of us.  He calls to to, motioning for you to join Him in this moment and the next.  Does that blow your mind!?  Think about it: The King is inviting you, a washed-up nobody, to be with Him.  No need to take a picture to savor the memory, because He’s not going anywhere.  Don’t bother waiting in a long line, because He’s calling you now.
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