So, as is the cycle of life, I’ve been in the midst of trials lately.  They’re the kind of trials that aren’t akin to a giant storm, but rather: A constant drizzle of rain.  The first bit doesn’t seem bad at all, but as the rain continues and you resolve is drenched, it starts to weigh down on your joy.

After a brief period of, in all honesty, a pity session.  I was completely broken down.  In the realization that woe-is-me wasn’t helping at all, I went to the Lord.  I meditated on verses like Psalm 23 and Isaiah 54:10, which says: “Thought the mountains may move and the hills disappear, even then my steadfast love for you will remain.  My covenant of blessing will never be broken,” says the Lord God who has mercy on you.”

And I dove into the book of Joshua, taking strength from the sovereign power with which God leads the Israelites.  Now, it wasn’t like a giant “ah ha” moment, but it did finally hit me.  The Lord showed me that I have nothing to fear, nothing to be worried about.  For even if all my abilities, dreams and supports are stripped away, He does not fail His children.

See, my man Joshua wasn’t without fear when he took over for Moses.  In fact, I’m pretty sure he was quaking in his little Bible-sandals, because he was suddenly thrust into a position of leadership over a people who were not exactly easy to deal with.  As if to reassure him, the Israelites said: “We will listen to you just as we did Moses.”  Josh was probably rolling his eyes at that one, like: “Ok, do you not remember how Moses left for a few days and you all decided to start worshipping a golden cow?!”

So Josh was an ill equipped leader, shepherding a flock of drama-queens through the desert.  And man, I can resonate with him there. He must have felt SO alone.  Like Joshua, we often feel so overwhelmed that the darkness of this world clouds our vision of Heaven.  We forget that we aren’t living for this world or the people in it.

The past few weeks, I’ve jokingly lamented to friends: “I am basically failing at life right now.”  Dramatic, yes, but it feels entirely accurate.  I’ve missed time with friends, messed up at work, accidentally stood up my own grandmother– sorry grammy!  I’m not only failing at adulting, I’m failing at life in general, so it seems (I’m pretty sure I could publish an entire blog on my hatred of failure….but, I digress)

But here’s the beauty in it all: We are in the midst of a greater story.  If you feel overwhelmed by life lately, remember that Joshua waiting a long time for the promised land, like a loooooooooong time.  Sometimes breakthroughs take a while, and oftentimes: They don’t look how we expected them to.

But we keep pressing on, keep marching around that wall, because the power of the Lord will prevail.  We’ll never reach that “promised land” of perfection on this earth, but we can live with peace knowing that we have a strong & dauntless warrior leading us into battle.  Instead of being overwhelmed with this life,  we can be overwhelmed by Him.

And when we do, our failures and fears and fatigue seem much less pressing.  He’s never lost and He never will.  So hold your head up, friend.  Keep marching on.  And when you feel like you’re about to go under, reach out to the Lord. He’s never left you.







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