This post was originally published on my initial blog on July 18, 2014.  I am in the process of migrating my content from Blogger and appreciate the patience as I do so!


My, that sounds pretty dramatic doesn’t it!  “I got hit by a car” is open to so many interpretations.  Was I driving?  Was I running?  Most importantly: What the heck was I thinking?
I’m fine honest, and I chuckle to think I got hit by a car yesterday, but yes: It did happen.  I was riding my bike back from the gym and the driver of a lawn care company truck didn’t see me.  I was literally around the corner from my house when I saw the truck coming super close and frantically tried to get as close to the curb as I could.  In an instant, I realized that he didn’t see me.  I also realized that there was a trailer on the back of the truck.  But by the time I registered that I should jump from the bike to the grass, I was already struck and laying on the road.
For a minute, I really though it would run over my head and that would be the end of me.  It was pretty freaky!  Then, I thought I would break a bone.  But, as the trailer cleared and I began to scream, I realized that as bloody as I was, I was ok.  God’s protection was all around.  Though I landed on my shoulder and ripped a whole in the back of my jacket, I didn’t hit my head.  Even though my knees were dripping blood all down my legs, I could move everything just fine.  I took a few seconds to childishly scream “ow! ow! ow!”  Then I realized I should probably tell the panicked driver standing over me that I was ok.  “I’m fine,” I sobbed to him.  “I’m ok.”
It’s not too exciting of a story after that.  Some extremely kind neighbors came over and sat with me while we waiting on the medics. A police officer came and took a report, citing the driver with a ticket and giving me information so I can get my bike fixed.  They checked my vital signs and asked me all the standard concussion questions, although I assured them I didn’t hit my head.
After I profusely thanked the neighbors, medics and police officer, I walked over to the driver.  I told him the truth: I know that mistakes happen and it could’ve been anyone.  “God was protecting me, and He was watching over me,” I told the man, who had tears in his eyes.  After my incident hitting a mailbox two years ago, I know how freaky it is to hit something or someone and realize it was all your fault.  I remember wishing with every fiber of my being that I could rewind time.  But I couldn’t then, and the driver who hit me could either.  So I let him know that he didn’t have to.  I was ok, God was (and is) good, and all was forgiven.
Once the police officer gave me the ok to leave, I grabbed my wounded bike and walked it up the hill to my house.  “Um…I just got hit by a car,” I texted my older brother, knowing it was the perfect leverage to get him to come over and hang with me 🙂
So yes, I got hit by a car.  But I was just a little bit sore this morning and had no problem going for my run.  Ya, I could do without the pain and fear that went along with the crash, but it is a pretty cool story and I do have some pretty sweet “battle wounds.”  Besides, I got a nice evening with my brother.

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