Correct me if I’m wrong, but are we not a society that rushes through, well, everything?  I’m speaking as the girl who fast-forwards on Netflix when I get bored.  I also confess to multi-tasking in just about every area.  I stretch my calves while the microwave cooks food and I study flashcards while walking to class (FYI: you’ve got to be careful with this one. I have run into a few things).  The point is: We have a way of segmenting life to get through everything that needs done.  To an extent, this is healthy.  However, it’s detrimental when routine becomes that which stimulates us, keeps us at peace.

I was reflecting on that this past week, thinking about the cycles and routines that have become engrained- and those which the Lord has rooted up.  Currently, I am in a good place and working hard to stay there.  I’m getting back in shape after a summer injury and I’m prioritizing my ongoing recovery from an eating disorder.

That being said, I found a frightening amount of fear in my heart this week.  It was the old familiar: “When’s it going to happen?”  IT is the downfall, the crushing blow from another injury or anxiety or anorexia.  Those are my “its” but I’m sure you know them too: death, academic failure, relational problems, loss of a job.  We all have things we are afraid of happening again, so much so that living in the present turns us into doomsday-preppers, waiting for the bomb to detonate in our lives.  And oh how sweet it is to not be at our lowest.  But also how scary, for in those low places is when we lean on our Savior and feel the comfort so tangibly.  Here, in this middle ground, it feels desolate.  It seems hard to not live in constant fear of what will eventually bring us down again.

That is the worldly outlook.

And here is what Christ says: He says He is fortress, in whom we take refuge (Psalm 144).  He sustains us and provides for us with His goodness (John 6:35).  Even mighty King David was filled with awe as he speaks in Psalm 139 about the deep love of the Lord that knows him and guides him.  Whether we are in the depths of trial, the middle-ground or are in a season of harvest, “even there (His) hand will lead (us) and (His) right hand will guide (us)”


And if we know He is for us and we know He is good, can we not lay down our bundles of fear and let Him carry the weight?  Can we surrender our oft-claimed right to define what is “good” and “bad” and cling to the promise that He works all things for good.  The answer is yes: We can!  I often admire the tenacious faith of Paul, who  endured- and rejoiced through- great persecution, all while writing to churches and encouraging them! Rather than living in fear of the next trial, the next imprisonment, Paul pressed on toward the heavenly calling (Philippians 3:14).

This week: We have a choice.  We can rise with the sun and take on the burden of this world.  Or we can cling to the promise that our Savior is sovereign- no matter how frightening that may be.  See, I’ve learned that whether we are in the deep pits of life or the tallest mountains, the terrain all blends together when we are enraptured by Christ.  That is my prayer for myself and for you this evening.  If your on the middle ground, afraid of the ground crumbling beneath you once again: I feel ya!  If you’re sitting in darkness wondering how life will ever go on: I’ve been there too.  But the Lord is guiding you AND He is holding You. He is oh so faithful to sustain us and you don’t have to worry that the world will start crumbling again.  Even if it does, you will be upheld by the Savior of the world, and He will bring good from all things.  I’ve lived it and I believe it.  I, like you, need that reminder sometimes though.  So, in the words of Paul: “Let us say with confidence: ‘The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?'” (Hebrews 13:6)

The Lord loves you deeply and He is with you- no matter where you are at tonight!





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