1. Eat more chocolate. 
    Why yes, I can do that. I accept the challenge. Chocolate chips, chocolate protein bars, chocolate pancakes…..
  2. Google more questions. 
    You know that feeling when you’re in the middle of something and a strange query pops into your head? And you want to search the answer, but you tell yourself “later,” and end up forgetting. In 2017:  You have permission to stop whatever you’re doing and satisfy that strange curiosity. “What is a pumelo?” “How long does a capybara live?” The questions must be answered!
  3. Buy an ornament for the special moments this year
    Vacations, gatherings and achievements deserve an ornament of their own. Don’t forget about that just because it’s July and you’re hiking the Appalachian Trail. TIP: Key chains make excellent ornaments.
  4.  Play on more playgrounds. 
    “I’m an adult” is NOT a valid excuse for refusing to go on a swing set. That’s silliness! Did you suddenly stop liking playgrounds because you turned 18? Heck no!
  5. Wear onesie pajamas more often!
    What is more fun and comfy than the heavenly-ordained matchup of pajama and slipper?  And why have we, as adults, abandoned the onesie when it offers nothing but warmth and love? I declare 2017 the year of onesie.  Follow me if you want to have an awesome year.
  6. Throw away that ugly _____ from grandma.
    Yes, that _______ (doll, painting, sculpture, etc.) is from your great aunt or your great grandma. But you have held on to way too much of that stuff because you feel to guilty about throwing it! Here’s an idea: Take a picture of the less important childhood/old stuff and throw it out! Great Aunt Tina’s memory is what’s important, not the creepy clown doll she gave you for your 5th birthday.
  7. Buy a good pair of jeans.
    Seriously: Find a pair of jeans that make you feel positive and pretty.  Find a pair of jeans that make you feel like a supermodel, and wear-the-heck out of them this year.

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