I’m a fan of waves. Waves of laughter that bubble out of a joyful soul; waves of Caribbean salt water, splashing on my knees. I love waves. But for a while, I didn’t think I did. I felt like surfing and suffering were one and the same. And I was pretty angry about it. Yeah, God was good and all, but didn’t he care to take me to shore for a breather? Wasn’t it about time?

And then I experienced Blessing Waves.

Woah, talk about uncomfortable! The waves of grace I’ve experienced this year have been incredibly odd and very unnerving. See, I — like most humans– absorb a lot from this world. And one particular lesson I’ve picked up is that everything is a transaction. There’s a cost and benefit to every decision or action. My A from high school economy is enough wisdom to know I don’t want to be on the losing side of a transaction.

And then the Blessing Waves began.

This past year, I’ve worried about a lot. I’ve worried about running and relationships graduation and getting a job. I’ve worried about finding a place to live and passing an honors exam. I’ve fretted over a car, a hip flexor, a future unplanned. And I’d like to think I’ve trusted God better than the last big storm we went through but I certainly haven’t been in a state of peace.

My brain told me that although this difficulties would make me stronger, there wasn’t a true end in sight. For a girl who loves the Lord, I was living very athiestically.

But in the midst of my self-centered worry, God had it all figured out. In spite of my own unfaithfulness, He decided to lavish love upon me.

A job? Oh yes, He provided my dream job in His perfect timing. Relationships? The fear of inadequacy was washed away with the most bountiful six months of friendships I have ever had- full of new freinds, old friends, mentors, and family fun. It was incredible.

I found an awesome house to live in for my last semester of college– and a treasured new friend to go with it. She and I recently found our own apartment to live in this next year, as well.

God provided a car and health and academic success. He’s even extended my collegiate running career by three months, just because He’s God and does insane stuff like that.

So before you walk into 2018 feeling defeated, before you greet the year with the anxiety and worry that led me into 2017, I want to offer a word of advice:

You aren’t on earth just to have a good time. That’s 100% true. And yet, the God of the universe loves You. He knows your odd quirks and deep passions. And just like any good father: He delights to bless you. To be honest, I didn’t really believe that until I was swept under by the wave that was 2017. I thought I’d been too much of a burden to deserve any favor from God.

And if that was the way God operated, I would be right. But it’s not. Our God has an entirely different economy, and it’s all rooted in maximizing His name and satisfying us most, with His presence.

This year has tested me like never before, but God has blessed me beyond words. A sinful heart would take those blessings and draw inward. A godly heart looks at the Blessing Waves and sees their Creator, his character and his glory. A godly heart longs to pour out praise.

This year, let us be grateful and godly hearts. Let us pursue God, pursue excellence and walk forward with courage. The God who leads you on is loving and gracious and worthy of praise. Now and always.




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