While I’ve always been a big Tim Keller fan, this book blew me out of the water. In fact, I’ve been telling everyone I know about how helpful it has been. Notice I said “everyone.” As Keller himself notes, the church he pastors in Manhattan is largely comprised of young singles. So, I’ll tell you what I told my good friend who is single: This is like those books written by married people who forget what singlehood is like. Keller writes this book for those who are in every relational stage. And it would benefit those of us who are unmarried immensely to read The Meaning of Marriage before we say, “I Do.”

Why? Because this book helps set a foundation for why God created marriage and how we are to glorify him in the way we consider it and–if God ordains–live it out.

Aided by his wife, Kathy, the author walks through God’s design for marriage and its components. He shared biblical insights on everything from dating to “leaving and cleaving,” from encouraging your spouse to honoring God in singleness. But he doesn’t stop at insight’s. The reason my copy of the book is littered with highlights and notes is because Keller does an excellent job of explaining profound principles of marriage that I’d never understood or even considered. Some that stick out are: how does submission really play out in marriage?, how should Christians consider sex?, and what does deep unity in marriage REALLY mean by God’s design?

While this book is written for Christians, Keller is not deaf to readers who might be nonchristians. He encourages them to read the book with an open mind and he meets them where they are at by writing in a nonchurchy, non-intimidating way. In doing so, he also paints an incredible picture of how marriage reflects the godhead, and thus, the gospel. So, while this book is written with believers in mind, I think it could also be helpful for nonbelievers-–it’s that compelling!

Whether you’re single or married, I highly recommend reading and studying this book.

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