It’s around this time of year that my adventurous heart starts yearning for warmer weather. When you live in the Midwest though, your heart is frozen solid by February, and the most readily-accessible emotion is disdain.

So while I continue to grumble about winter, I’ll reflect back on my favorite adventures from 2017. Spoiler alert: They were incredible!

1.  Hiking the Knobstone Trail

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This crazy adventure somehow missed its prime time on the blog. I blame #2 on the list- which occurred shortly thereafter. However, keep an eye out for a future article. I have written a piece for the literary magazine at Butler University. As soon as it is published, I will link it here!

Anyways, back in July, my older brother and I took off on a grand hiking adventure. I received a grant from the university to hike the longest trail in Indiana (The Knobstone). What ensued was an epic sibling bonding experience that excited and scarred us both. I can’t wait to tell you more about it in the future. For now: Know that I love hiking more than one could imagine, but I am not so fond of camping after that experience.


2. The Grand Canadian Adventure

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Dare I admit that this ten-day hiking vacation hasn’t been adequately explained on the blog? Yes, I know. And I’ve miserably failed my followers. But if you’re reading this and are super curious about what an incredible trip is was, I want to know: What do you want to read? How can I best satisfy your thirst for knowledge about my trip?

In short: My mom, younger brother, and I ventured to Alberta, Canada in late July. We spent almost two weeks hiking the breathtaking Banff and Jasper National Parks. The weather was mild, the people were kind, and the scenery was breathtaking. I would tell you to go visit this Canadian piece of heaven, but I also want to rid the area of  tourists, so I can have it as my own personal getaway. It’s quite the dilemma.

Read more about the trip HERE and HERE. And when you inevitably book a trip up north: Keep an eye out for these Canadian oddities.

3. Roadtrippin’ to Florida

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If you ask a GPS, it’ll tell you that driving from Columbus, OH to Orlando, FL takes roughly 14 hours. That is a straight-up lie. Some serious family bonding went down during our 17-hour drive last March. It didn’t stop there, though.

I’ll confess that I was a bit of a Disney skeptic. I found it magical when I was seven, but I wasn’t sure that adult-me would enjoy the touristy pathways and cult-like fans. Turns out: I loved it! That trip was one of the most special family vacations I’ve had in recent years. I credit that to the fact that I desperately needed a vacation, I had a fantastic week of training, and Disney is pure magic. I ran a lot, enjoyed the sunshine, took a million pictures, and screamed my lungs out on roller coasters. It was incredible.

4. Hanging with some cool kiddos

It might seem silly to tack nannying onto a list about my international adventures, so allow me to explain.

I love kids. Like, I hardcore love kids. And this past summer, I had the opportunity to watch two incredible little ones (ages one and three). We visited parks, played games, and colored pictures. It not only gave me immense respect for mothers, but it magnified my longing for children. This was the first time I’d watched such young children for so long (10-hour days), and though it was exhausting, it was deeply rewarding. I really really love those kids, and I love the way God used them to refine my weak points.

There you have it: My fondest adventures of 2017. This year is full of equally exciting events, and I am honored to have this platform to share them with you. I hope you’ll follow along and be encouraged this year!



2 thoughts on “My Favorite Adventures of 2017

  1. I live in the cold, snowy Midwest, and my hands are currently freezing 😀
    What fun memories! I’ve been at Disney World once, and I always love road trips. Last year I went on a choir tour and a 7 hour drive, but some of us ended up having to turn back halfway to send my sick friend home. And then proceed to drive to the destination again. Oh well.


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