Sometimes, we need to just step back and meditate on truth, because we can’t see or feel it. In those moments, I’ve learned that the best thing I can do is crack open my Bible and immerse myself good music. While not all of these songs are worshipful, most are; all will help you sit with hard feelings and bring them to the Lord.

As always, if you are struggling: please reach out to someone–contact a friend, pastor, family member, or me! You aren’t alone in your anxiety.

10 Songs for When You’re Anxious

1. “Constellations” by Ellie Holcomb

2. “Be Still” by Luke Spehar

3. “God Is Still Here” by JJ Heller

4. “Never Change” by SimianeMusic

5. “stuck in my head” by BLÜ EYES

6. “You’re Gonna Be Okay” by Jenn Johnson

7. “How to Be Yours” by Chris Renzema

8. “Breathe” by John Michael Howell

9. “OK” (Anxiety Anthem)

10. “Effort” by James Spaite

You can find all these songs, and more, on my curated Spotify playlist. My prayer is that if you listen, it’ll encourage you like it encourages me.

Friend, crippling anxiety is a cascading calamity. It can build and build until you, hoisted atop its crest, crash to the ground. Songs like those listed above help illuminate Scripture for me during those moments–especially in the moments when I don’t even have the strength to open my Bible.

Together, let’s reclaim the ground that the enemy has tried to take within our minds. By His moment-by-moment grace, we can be free.



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