Occasionally, I delve into the world of poetry. The following is a poem I wrote a few weeks ago (September 2022). Check out another recent poem of mine.

Be loyal to me
You said you'd stay
And if I fall flat on my face,
Will you fall with me and pray?

Ill at the thought
Of a calendar flip,
Of a plane ride, a goodbye,
And a one-way trip.

This body is different.
This mind is now mine,
Freer to roam
Averse to "I'm fine."

Sure, "I'm fine."
As in "fragile in flesh"
As in cautiously moving, aware of the line
Where my fortitude crumbles and humanity shines.

This body has curves,
This mind has dreams.
So unknown a future, so known is my King
So onward, on fire, onlookers beware
If you're looking for the old Hannah,
She is no longer there.

I won't leave me
World War Me is done
Wreckage salvaged, warming in the sun

When I fall, I feel human
Wrapped in fine fragility
To swiftly be gathered in
By divine visibility.

I will be loyal to me
I will fight to stay
Armored in authenticity
Courageous to stand, fight, and pray

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